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A Digital Native

I grew up in Montana, watching my parents run two award-winning newspapers. My grandfather insisted I learn to use a computer at age 6 and so my digital training started early with IBM’s PS/1.

Kids have a lot of time to learn. And I quickly became one of the local computer experts, helping my teacher and local PC repairman with “tricks they’d never seen.” I literally grew up helping individuals and teams with their digital platforms.

It sparked my curiosity even more to watch my parents’ Montana newspaper shift from the traditional layout methods of physically cutting & pasting stories and images to running Apple computers running PhotoShop.

Studying music in college, I learned everything I could about digital promotion to sell records and tickets. Twitter had only just begun but I used it to quickly fill several of my shows.

I love creating music, but I’m also very good at helping people understand and execute their online promotional strategies. My friends are marketers, web designers, photographers, former SEO experts, computer geniuses, and, like me, all digital natives. As the world becomes increasingly digital, this has been a boon to us and those we help.

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