Jimbo’s Music


In college, I studied Classical guitar. Then Jazz & Blues. Then Hindustani Classical. After all this work, I’ve developed an open tuning acoustic guitar sound all my own. I play in open D5. Which is also known by its notes: DADDAD (or as 4&20 tuning, after the CSNY song).

In this open tuning, I compose instrumental tunes using the various modes. You can see many of these tunes in my performance videos on YouTube.

I record and perform this acoustic guitar music in Portland, Oregon. To learn more, please visit the official site: BrotherJimbo.com

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2010 saw the beginning of So Loon. Nikko on Tabla, Jimbo on Guitar (tuned EAEeae at the time). You can see our tour map on SoLoony.com. And here’s the first video of our tour documentary:

In 2009, as Little j, I joined the Pleasant Revolution Bicycle Music Festival tour. This is a video from the Eugene Bike Parade where I performed Ween’s “Flutes of the Chi”. When everyone gasps, the bike I was riding in took such a sharp turn that the microphone swung nearly off the bike before I caught it with my foot and pulled it back. (“…cool move”) But the camera misses all that. So you’ll just have to trust me ;) Enjoy the tune:

In 2008, just before I embarked on my first (solo) bicycle music tour, I entered a contest. Environmentally Neutral Design (END) Footwear had an art contest. “Create END Art”, basically. So I made this song, using their name, and won! And now you know my full name, JMK. Here’s the song:

Also from 2008, Ondamos! This amazing band was a trio of Billy James B., James O., and myself. Three upstanding Jims. This is a video I put together for our track “Neon Roller”.

If you can handle the hum from a harsh recording, here’s some 2007 footage of me playing acoustic fingerstyle guitar at a cafe in Eugene, Oregon. Followed by a classic hymn. Sing along. Ever-body.

As time goes on, I’ll update this page with more golden oldies. Stay tuned 😘